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Mors Principium Est подписались на AFM Records

Добавлено: 17-июн-12 12:50:42
We’re proud to announce the signing of one of Finland’s finest Melodic Death Metal bands: Mors Principium Est.
With their first three albums they left a mark on today’s metal scene and amazed fans and critics alike with their fast-paced and atmospheric mixture.
With their new album they want to continue where they left off and even take their unique style to the next level.

Here's a statement of the band:
This is Ville from Mors Principium Est.
I am more than happy to announce, that MPE signed a deal with AFM Records for Europe & the US.
We talked to some other labels too, but AFM seemed the right choice for us.
We can't wait to get to the studio in the summer and release the new album at the end of 2012. And then we will see what happens, when the people of AFM starts to work their magic."

Re: Mors Principium Est подписались на AFM Records

Добавлено: 19-июн-12 02:27:21
slowpoke hotline. а ФОНО, значит, стопудов подрядится на лицензию. ::)