Psycroptic - "The Inherited Repression" -FNT

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Dead Skin/Dried Blood
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Psycroptic - "The Inherited Repression" -FNT

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- Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

  Artist:      Psycroptic
  Album:       The Inherited Repression
  Label:       Nuclear Blast
  Playtime:    40:50 min
  Genre:       Death Metal
  Rip date:    2012-02-04
  Street date: 2012-02-07
  Size:        85.96 MB
  Type:        Normal
  Quality:     279 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

  Proving that death metal knows no international boundaries, Psycroptic hail
  from the remote Australian island state of Tasmania, where brothers Joe
  (guitar) and David Haley (drums) came together with vocalist Matthew Chalk and
  bassist Cameron Grant to form the group in 1999. Based in the capital city of
  Hobart, to be precise, Psycroptic quickly moved from demo stage to issuing
  their first full-length album, The Isle of Disenchantment, by 2001; then kept
  busy with local concert dates and select festival engagements through to the
  release of 2003's Scepter of the Ancients LP, which effectively established
  the band as international-caliber contenders in the technical death metal
  arena. 2004 saw Psycroptic opening Australian tours for visiting dignitaries
  such as Incantation and Deeds of Flesh, before heading off to Europe for a
  string of dates with Dismember, Anata, and Sanatorium that greatly expanded
  their fan base, and led to a deal with Neurotic Records. But the first thing
  Psycroptic did when they returned home to Tasmania was part company with
  vocalist Chalk, after which they spent the ensuing months breaking in his
  replacement, Jason Peppiatt (ex-Born Headless, Yorta, and Bolverk), by touring
  both locally (with Hate Eternal) and in America (with Deeds of Flesh). In due
  time, the new lineup felt prepared to record their third effort, Symbols of
  Failure (released in October 2006), and, once again, the album was received
  with open arms by critics and fans, resulting in ever more high profile
  touring opportunities, and paving the way to a long-deserved worldwide
  contract for the group -- this time with heavy metal powerhouse Nuclear Blast.
  The first product of this new relationship would be Psycroptic's fourth
  long-player, Ob(Servant), which bulldozed into record stores in the summer of

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

  01. Carriers of the Plague                                            ( 6:07)
  02. Forward to Submission                                             ( 3:56)
  03. Euphorinasia                                                      ( 4:54)
  04. The Throne of Kings                                               ( 4:04)
  05. Unmasking the Traitors                                            ( 3:55)
  06. Become the Cult                                                   ( 4:11)
  07. From Scribe to Ashes                                              ( 3:50)
  08. Deprivation                                                       ( 5:44)
  09. The Sleepers Have Awoken                                          ( 4:09)

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Новый! :altermusic:
Scream to the tune of the background noise

with no home my only keys are these yellowed ivories
and i’ll ask them rhetorically
is this all that my hands can do?

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