Обмен музыкой. Есть интересный/редкий/любимый альбом? Раритетный трэк? Поделись им со всеми!
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1. Hello Shitty
2. Devotion and Desire
3. Tortures of the Damned
4. They Looked Like Strong Hands
5. Montauk
6. Blame It on Bad Luck
7. We'll Be O.K.
8. Existing in a Crisis (Evelyn)
9. Don't Call Me Peanut
10. Half a Life
11. Dear Tragedy

With the completion of 'Sirens and Condolences' in 2004, New York’s Bayside delivered a dark, brooding album that left the hearts of legions of fans yearning for more. The unmistakable talent and success of the band won them the title of heroes of the now legendary Long Island emo and indie scene. Now after 50,000 albums, numerous tours and a plethora of introspectively painful lyrics, Bayside have returned with a brilliant self-titled album. Bayside have solidified their fan base over the past few years, and they are anxiously anticipating newer and darker material from the band, jamming websites and online forums with speculative chatter.

Bayside, now a permanent staple in the melodic rock genre, are delivering a collection of heartbreaking yet inspiring anthems on Bayside. Whether they are singing about devastation and betrayal or fate and destiny, the emphasis is always placed equally on all parties involved. Honest self-examination brings hope of redemption to these intimate, dark narratives of brooding and despair. Bayside have found a way of completing themselves and enrapturing their listeners through meaningful words and beautiful melodies, accompanied by persistent touring and a true love for music. 'Bayside' is a painfully beautiful masterpiece that belongs in the heart of anyone who has ever felt lost and needed a reminder that passion can be found anywhere in life.

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This is my dedication to the recently deceased Bayside drummer John "Beatz" Holohan, who was killed in a traffic accident while driving to a gig.


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Сообщение xero » 07-авг-06 21:50:25

перезалейте кто нить Люди добрые.... :cry:
Не важно, как ты пишешь "Парашют". Важно, умеешь ли ты с ним прыгать.

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Re: Bayside

Сообщение Магический » 09-апр-11 13:12:55

Камрады, а последний альбум кто-нить может залить? ::)
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