How to share...

This forum is for people who don't speak Russian, and are also interested in alternative music. You are welcome to post here! Also we will post here our site news in English!
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How to share...

Сообщение NikMir » 19-ноя-05 13:50:03

Well, You want to get acces to our downloads, you agree to share some albums but you don't know how...

1) upload your album to any free file-sharing server (for example,,, etc.)

2) create here a topic, named as uploaded album

3) post there a link on the uploaded file.

That's all. Anything else is our problem. Sharing is quite easy.
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Сообщение matador » 19-ноя-05 16:38:21

Post your uploaded albums here It is "Exchange" part of our forum.
There are some rules of creating new topic:
1) name of topic - band name;
2) comment below the name - genre;
3) in post content:
- band name - release year - album name;
- small album cover;
- tracklist.
Here is an example of the topic: ... mon+hunter love is music
and i will marry melody...