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Smilin Liar - Loaded Language (2003)

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Smilin Liar - Loaded Language (2003)


1. Apathy Ever After
2. Awake and Breathing
3. Like No Tomorrow
4. Locust
5. Mother
6. Embrace the Impact
7. Screaming Through Actions
8. A Broken Song
9. Something Else
10. Anti-Hate Crime
11. Dropping the Smile

The energy is unmatchable. Guitars crushing as they cry to you. Drums pounding grooves that touch and move. Tears falling from the vocalist as he spits out words of love, hate, truth, lies, passion and hope. Sweat pours from every face and burns the eyes. Blood breaks through the calloused fingertips and stains the strings. Never has there been a band that performs with such raw emotion, with such pain and joy.
This band is Smilin Liar.
Letting go of the narcissistic intentions that most bands set their minds on, Smilin Liar concentrates on only two things: the music and the live show. The band does not look at performing as a ways of acquiring adoration but instead they use it as a way to open a part of themselves and share that with the world.

If anyone has the new album "Smilin Liar - So Mrs. Kennedy, How Was The Drive?" (2006) please upload it...thanks!

Download Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QH57P5WG